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Has Zac created and released his own clothing line?
Zac currently does not have his own clothing line, however he is a celebrity endorser for Penshoppe, a clothing company based in the Philippines.

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Role: Dr. Charles 'Jim'
Release: 9/20/2013
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Role: Teddy Sanders
Release: 5/9/2014
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That Awkward Moment
Role: Jason
Release: 1/31/2014
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May 2, 2012
Author: Kathryn | Categories: Candid, Videos

15 Responses to “Zac’s Recent Bungee Jump”

  1. soozy says:

    hi zac…you look great…everyting was great i love you so much i am a huge fan…why are you so nice?!?!?!?!?!?
    i was kiding good luck every time in your life

  2. Ashley says:

    That took my breath away when i seen that he is very brave and it makes me want to try it to zac efron inspires me I swear

  3. Shelley says:

    I loved this, you look amazing! I am a HUGE fan, saw the Lucky One three times. You did an awesome job, you should be very proud! XOXO

  4. Daisy says:

    Zac is so brave! I don’t think I could ever go bungee jumping. His second jump was completely insane. He is so fearless. It looks like he was havng a blast:). Did anyone notice him lose his beanie after the first jump? I didn’t see him take it off or maybe I missed something lol.

  5. ZacEfronluver says:

    It’s totally cool, can’t say that I disagree about being super concerned for the man of all of our dreams! :)

  6. Tiffanyloveszac2012 says:

    yeah your right Zacefronlover 101 i wont think like that. and am sorry zacefronluver for freaking you out. LOL

  7. ZacEfronluver says:

    Oh God let’s not ever think about that, or at least try to, because now I’m freaked out and scared! I probably shoul really stop commenting now!

  8. Zacefronlover101 says:

    Although, I’d rather see him hurt and survive his injuries more than anything else! :)

  9. Zacefronlover101 says:

    Oh no now don’t start saying that, he never really does crazy things all of the time, but I know that he knows to keep safe, because his parents are very protective of him

  10. Tiffanyloveszac2012 says:

    zacefronlover i truly hope so because i couldn’t bear it if he was hurt or dead. =( But i trust thats he going to be safe. he is just a dare devil. LOL

  11. Zacefronlover101 says:

    Tiffany I could not agree with you more, but I know that he knows what He’s doing and that he knows how to keep himself safe!:-)

  12. Gina says:

    No way…no way would I be doing that! LOL! Good for him and glad he had fun doing that!

  13. Tiffanyloveszac2012 says:

    oh MY God how can zac do that its soo scary. i hope he is being safe. looking at the video has made me nervous for him.

  14. ZacEfronluver says:

    Although he may have to be wearing ear plugs because I might scream a bit particularly loudly for that matter! I may actually be like ahhhh when I’m jumping because I’d be holding into him and is be more feaking out and in shock about the fact that I’m super close to him and holding onto him! :-) I’d LOVE every single second of it though! :-)

  15. ZacEfronluver says:

    This was sooo cool! I Just saw this on Twitter last night! It wa epic! So much better than what I had to do in gym class and much better scenery too (if you know what I mean:-) it would be so cool to do this with him! Like the scene out of Full House with Jesse and Rebecca jumping off of the bridge together:-)

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