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Last Book You Read or Currently Reading
08-05-2012, 12:12 AM (This post was last modified: 08-05-2012 12:13 AM by BEE..)
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RE: Last Book You Read or Currently Reading
So I'm gunna double post...

I've just finished the second book called 'Hollowmen'
It was also a good read, and was in some way like the first, but it wasn't as good. The ending doesn't really 'finish' the story.
In this book, we find Remy has been in quarantine for 6 months after switching places with her brother. The zombies got smarter and broke in, so everyone had to leave in groups because too many people will attract more zombies. They set off to find Remy's brother, and when they find him, they go North to Canada. Along the way, they find survivors, some they can trust, and some they can't. And sadly, they also lost members of their group. Remy also falls in love again but with a different guy, as the first was in a totally different group who left before she did.

Sadly this book was only 155 pages, and cost £4.11! Slight rip off to be honest. The first was a little over 300 pages, and was actually free (Which I've noticed is a common things with ebooks on Amazon, to get people into the series.) Now I've finished the second, book, I'm refunded it, as it was so short. If it was roughly the same lenghty as 'Hollowland' I would have kept it on my Kindle. I'd rather pay £4.11 for 250-300+ pages than 155.

I'm glad I read it though :]

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