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The Official Share Your Graphics Thread
02-05-2012, 01:05 AM (This post was last modified: 02-05-2012 02:02 AM by SLE.)
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SLE (Samie) Graphics
Hey everyone I know there was a post your graphics thread already but I wanted to make my own thread because I make a lot of graphics I started making graphics in 2010 most of them are of Zac and most of them have Zac Efron Fansite on them because i have a myspace fanpage I made just for him so like I said most of them are for my webpage but i also have some othet stuff Im interested in like the vampire diaires so i got a lot of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder graphics some tv show ones other than TVD. I made some True Blood ones. I will show you all of my work even my sucks one when I first started out lol. I got over 100 of them so I will probably add 5 to 7 on one post then add another post and put more on. I also the ones that dont say Zac Efron fansite on them you can take but credit me. please tell me what you think of my work.
[Image: RandyOrtonwallpaperJPEG.jpg]
[Image: RandyOrtonwallpaper2JPEG.jpg]
[Image: ZacefronJPEG-1.jpg]
[Image: DamonandElenaJPEG2.jpg]
[Image: EthanandEmmaJPEG.jpg]
here's some more
[Image: RandyOrtongraphicJPEG-2.jpg]
[Image: AshleyTisdaleJPEG.jpg]
[Image: ElenaGilbertJPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonStefanElenawallpaperJPEG.jpg]
[Image: TVDwallpaperJPEG.jpg]
[Image: KatherineandDamonJPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonSalvatoreJPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonElenaJPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonandelenabannerJPEG.jpg]
[Image: Untitled5JPEG.jpg]
[Image: MerryChristmasJPEG.jpg]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG-8.jpg]
[Image: zac-efron-racecar-driver-058JPEG.jpg]
[Image: zewallpaper1JPEG.jpg]
[Image: Zacefronwallpaper3JPEG-1.jpg][Image: zacefronwallpaper2JPEG-1.jpg]
[Image: zac-efron-shirtless-piggyback-ride-for-a...99JPEG.jpg]
[Image: ZacbannerJPEG-1.jpg]
[Image: Untitled2JPEG-3.jpg]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG-7.jpg]
[Image: normal_zac-efron-half9JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_--------7JPEG.jpg]
[Image: lJPEG-2.jpg]
[Image: lJPEG-3.gif]
[Image: lCAZI7Q1MJPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCAYGI450JPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCAXNSFLIJPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCAV0CFQCJPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCAR4EL4PJPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCAO5IME6JPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCALYOVM5JPEG.jpg]
[Image: lCAJ3M7AOJPEG.jpg]
[Image: l18JPEG.gif]
[Image: l13JPEG.jpg]
[Image: l4JPEG.jpg]
[Image: l3JPEG.jpg]
[Image: cool-powerpoint-backgroundsJ9PEG.gif]
[Image: backgrounds6JPEG.png]
[Image: AshleyandzacJPEG.jpg]
[Image: Ashleyandzac2JPEG.jpg]
[Image: UntitledJPEG-1.jpg]
[Image: MarryChristmasfromZacEfronfan07JPEG.jpg?t=1323983931]
[Image: taylorlautnerJPEG.jpg]
[Image: zacgraphicJPEG.jpg]
[Image: 334px-Randy_Orton_08JPEG.jpg]
[Image: edgeJPEG.jpg]
[Image: l_89ff008c37b04d378fcbf57821703442J.jpg]
[Image: l_8495124c5a574ee0b07def7466c57a7d6.jpg]
[Image: l_aeae15c5511740ea9be824bf5314e3f39.jpg]
[Image: jennifers-body-megan-fox-9JPEG.jpg]
[Image: l_6f18c7345e234a48bca5e4a55a8420-1.jpg]
[Image: l_82e363e43e0045cda4f5b189b06665c9J.jpg]
[Image: l_b5439f3f2917403ab53617e3ab63265bJ.jpg]
[Image: l_6e99a20829ff493c967276ee83ce9470J.jpg]
[Image: 04JPEG.jpg]
[Image: l_7e307e075bf941a6bec1c223d080d67aJPEG.jpg]
[Image: l_4630310bc7b14ab5a83279b042ec55ecJPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_014JPEG-1.jpg]
[Image: 99JPEG.jpg]
[Image: lJPEG-1.png]
[Image: lJPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_000309JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_06497JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_tb409_07826JPEG.jpg]
[Image: redonblac9kJPEG.jpg]
[Image: untitled7JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_tvd222_178597JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_tvd222_205949JPEG.jpg]
[Image: dfh98hfJPEG.jpg]
[Image: lgoJjPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_00049JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_011658JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_0159oi4JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_019689JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_024918JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_036797JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_TVD901497JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_TVD093809JPEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_0281J99PEG.jpg]
[Image: normal_db89JPEG.jpg?t=1323982891]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG.jpg]
[Image: Untitled2JPEG.jpg?t=1323982776]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG-1.jpg]
[Image: Untitled19JPEG.jpg?t=1323982715]
[Image: Untitled25JPEG.jpg?t=1323982688]
[Image: Untitled149JPEG.jpg?t=1323982665]
[Image: Untitled10JPEG.jpg?t=1323982635]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG-2.jpg?t=1323982591]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG-3.jpg]
[Image: Untitled1JPEG-4.jpg]
[Image: DamonandKatherineJPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonandElenaJPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonandKatherine1JPEG.jpg]
[Image: JeremyandAnna2JPEG.jpg]
[Image: JeremyandAnna1JPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonandElena4JPEG.jpg]
[Image: DamonandElena3JPEG.jpg]
[Image: jeremyandAnna3JPEG.jpg]
[Image: ElenaandStefan1JPEG.jpg]
[Image: JeremyandAnna2JPEG-1.jpg]

[Image: 3523ccz.gif]
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