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07-31-2013, 03:38 PM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2013 03:47 PM by Stephanie.)
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RE: Rants.
So got a new rant here and I'll try to make it short.

A friend of mine just had her second baby today. The fair is coming up in a few weeks. She will at that point have a baby that is maybe ALMOST 2 weeks old. She wants to go to the demolition derby. Basically it's a show where a bunch of cars beating the crap out of each other for other people's amusement, for those who don't know what it is.

She asked me over a month ago to watch her baby so a roommate and herself can take her older son who's almost 3 to the show. I said yes because it sure beats the fact that she ASKED me to be there when she had her son. I told her no....because well we're not that great of friends where I think seeing her lady parts is appropriate. Now knowing that she's willing to take her baby ALL DAY to the fair yet she can't manage to take him to the show is odd. idk if she is even going to follow through and have me watch her son. She asked me last week to drive for an hour (depending on traffic) to the fair and go to the gate to get her newborn. I told her no if she wants me to watch him she can get him to my house since I'm doing her the favor.

I told her I'm not that experienced with children let alone a brand new baby. She's like "You'll do fine I trust you." Ummm....okay? While I could just tell her no and end it I feel like it would be a good experience for me. It's not the baby's fault that they can't dedicate themselves to him and are giving priority to his 2 yr old brother. idk I'm just feeling used and abused by this girl. She latched on WAY too quickly and it makes me feel weird. I want to be friends....not her lover that watches her child every day. She's already asked me 3 times now to watch her 2 yr old and I had to ignore her requests because I had things going on.

Now she thinks "just" because I'm in college and "just" because I'm living at home and "just" because I'm not married and "just" because I don't have children, that I can just drop everything and parent her children while my life and education doesn't matter. ..... I could talk to her but I know if I did we wouldn't be speaking again because I'm pretty mad.

oh and did I forget to mention that she's got two kids by two different fathers. That's not the problem. Issue is that one of them she's trying to get her older son taken away from him on the weekends and the other doesn't even know he's a father because according to her "he's crazy" and she claims that the government told her to pretend she miscarry so she could keep the child from him. Uhh now if I got to the hospital I'm supposed to say the room and not her "Name" because it's unsafe. Something about this isn't right.

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