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Marriage and Children
11-27-2011, 07:39 PM
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RE: Marriage and Children
(11-27-2011 07:18 PM)puckleberryftwx Wrote:  
(11-27-2011 07:10 PM)Stephanie Wrote:  My mom always told me that it's not about the age, it's about your situation in life. If you're 22 yrs old and have a husband, a steady enough job, you're not planning on going to college or already finished, you have the money, decent insurance and you're in the place in life that start a family then go ahead.

If you're 30 years old and don't have a job, money, you're still in college or just don't have any education and you're hooking up left and right with random guys or have a bf that isn't a deadbeat, then's probably not the best time to think about a child.

It's all about the stages in life.
yeah I completely agree with that. me and my boyfriend have always said that we will get married and have kids when we are ready to start a family and when we both have steady jobs and in a good financial situation. especially with living in england at the moment and i wont be moving out in the next year cause where i live is where the sailing is going to be for the olympics. -_-

ooh that's exciting :] Somehow I sense my bf and I will be having financial issues until both of us are out of college. I fear that and it's part of the reason I'm still at home. I don't want to be struggling for money when I don't have to yet.
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