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The Official Zeffy Awards Thread~
10-19-2011, 09:19 AM (This post was last modified: 10-19-2011 09:22 AM by LoveYourFaith_OD.)
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RE: The Official Zeffy Awards Thread~
Voting will be through PM

There's not a lot of people on this forum so there won't be alot of nominations

We need more people replying to this thread, but yea voting and nominations will be through pm for now we need more people and nominations and categories.

And everyone PLEASE do not nominate the same people over and over. It should be fair and have everyone have a winning chance. Even if they don't win it still feels good to be nominated. Ok? Thanks Smile

Also this will not be the only awards so if you don't win then there will be another in December

Once again this will NOT be the ONLY award ceremony.
After this one is finished I'll explain more about the other one
I will be posting a thread called Seasonal Awards in the General section
So be on the look out for it
(10-18-2011 07:54 PM)lashay12 Wrote:  that will do will you be presenting the awards too?

Yes Hun I will be presenting the awards as well

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From the year 2000 to the present and so on, I have always and forever loved Jesse Abraham Arthur McCartney
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