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the 'We ♥ Starla thread' Resurrected x2 lol
08-22-2011, 10:37 AM (This post was last modified: 08-22-2011 11:15 AM by BEE..)
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RE: the 'We ♥ Starla thread' Resurrected x2 lol
(08-22-2011 10:20 AM)london lemming Wrote:  Yay the Starla thread is back.

Bee-Have you got your email yet, I haven't and I signed up on the first day. Scarley Byrne (Pansy Parkinson) & Evy Lynch(Luna Lovegod) have had theirs. Scarley got in Slytherin and Evy was sorted in to Gryffindor.

I always thought Starla was older than David.

Nope, I'm still waiting! Hoping they send some this evening, but right now I'm like /: about it all. even though they did send some around 6/7pm last week.
I got in on the first day too, during the first hour D:
They only seem to be letting people in every two days which is bad, because in just a week, they've only let in 24,000-25,000.
There's just over 24,300 students in Hogwarts right now.

EDIT: There has been a sighting of owls... 17:15PM...

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RE: the 'We ♥ Starla thread' Resurrected x2 lol - BEE. - 08-22-2011 10:37 AM

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