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The Official Funny Pictures Thread
10-16-2011, 06:32 AM (This post was last modified: 10-16-2011 06:54 AM by Fearless.)
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RE: The Official Funny Pictures Thread
[Image: normal_029.jpg]

zac: "yo! peace out men!"
[Image: 017.jpg]

zac:"Hey! i love your tie!"

joe:"thanks man"

zac:"did I mention I love your tie?"

joe: "okay, i get it already man"

[Image: 016.jpg]

joe: *his face looks surprise*

zac: "hey, what's up man? you look surprise?"

[Image: 018.jpg]

joe: "holy crap, that looks like taylor swift"

zac: "your ex?"

joe: "yeah...wait, it is her!"

[Image: normal_zac-joe-kellan-calvin-klein-10.jpg]

joe: "and that's vanessa too! she's with taylor!"

[Image: normal_zac-joe-kellan-calvin-klein-01.jpg]

zac and joe: *very awkward moment*

lol i know it's corny Tongue

[Image: normal_0087p26p.jpg]

zac: "hey ladies, wanna go for a ride in my cart?"

[Image: zac_3.jpg]

zac: "hey joe! i love your tie!"

joe: " always say that to me"

kevin: *awkward stare*

nick: * what's so special about joe's tie?"
[Image: normal_006sfyf6.jpg]

zac: "look! it's me and my best friend box!"

[Image: normal_013.jpg]

Come morning light, you and I'll be safe, and, sound....
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