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The Official Childhood Tv Shows & Movies Thread~
06-18-2012, 11:20 AM
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RE: The Official Childhood Tv Shows & Movies Thread~
(06-05-2012 11:06 AM)HeartBroken Wrote:  [Image: Blues%2BClues%2B2%2Bsteve%2Bjoe.jpg]

Which team were or are you on?
Watching "Joe Gets A Clue" with my younger brother, and laughing my butt off. It's amazing how clueless Joe was. I get that adults would be 'dom' in childish, educational shows like this but at least Steve had some smarts. If you notice throughout the show at when Joe is having his 'stupid' moments Steve's expressions. That's what funny, then at the beginning how Joe says, "This is my first time." Steve appears to be holding back a laugh with a grim smile, pretty much can figure out why he was smiling. It's crazy how this newer generation is from the 90's.

Team Steve! Didn't even know there was another guy! Haha! Used to love Blue's Clues,hated the English one though so my aunt would send me VCR's of the American ones!

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