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Wedding Ideas For Stephanie
02-06-2013, 02:42 AM (This post was last modified: 02-06-2013 02:43 AM by Stephanie.)
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RE: Wedding Ideas For Stephanie
Ahh omg how did u know I want a disney themed wedding?
I'm considering beauty and the beast only the "mature" version.
I don't want it to look like I'm 12 so I'm planning (Michael agrees) to have things like:

A teapot and a chipped tea cup sitting on a table.
A candlestick somewhere else.
A clock
The centerpieces will be roses in either water/colored lights in the bottom of a glass with maybe a candle on top depending on what the rules are.
A lot of places won't allow real flower petals or lit candles.
I'd like some background music to be orchestrated music from the movie but nothing that sounds stupid.
I want a pretty chandelier(s) on the ceiling but I have a feeling that won't work.
I'm thinking a buffet style meal so that people don't feel odd having things brought to them and they can pick and choose what they like.
Apparently we're having alcohol at the wedding......I just want it low key and nobody being stupid and ruining my life/day.
Then obviously my dress will hopefully be inspired by the movie too.
Given the fact that I've got some crazy people in my life and because Michael's got some psychotic family members, I would like to have ticket/invite only at the door to make sure nobody weird comes in.
(Some people assume if they know the wedding date that they are invited as well and that's not gonna flow with me.)

idk I try not to be too too picky but I just have a few ideas that I think I should go into this having because most planners don't really want to help if u don't have some basic ideas.

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