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the official tattoos thread!
10-17-2012, 01:21 PM (This post was last modified: 10-17-2012 01:23 PM by Stephanie.)
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RE: the official tattoos thread!
(10-17-2012 08:24 AM)benjiwyatt Wrote:  
(10-15-2012 07:05 PM)Stephanie Wrote:  Of course tattoo threads are allowed :]

Personally I don't have any tattoos but not because I'm against them, just cause I would want it to be something I was sure I wanted.

How does everyone feel about placement of tattoos? Do you think it's okay to have a tattoo on certain body parts or should it be hidden and classy?

I find this kinda funny but sadly it does apply to some. Obviously not all but some.

I think this is so cute. I love Dumbo,s:0,i:69

I feel really dumb because I didn't see this post until now!

and yeah, I understand that feeling. personally though, i'll never regret any of the tattoos i have/will get because at one point in life they were something that i wanted and thought hard about and they'll always mean something to me! but that's just my opinion Smile

and as far as tattoo placement goes, i'm one of those people that for the life of me cannot understand why tattoos are still viewed as something horrible in some parts of the world--even here, still. i think it's absolutely ridiculous to overlook someone's qualifications in life simply because they've chosen to permanently ink their skin. i don't think tattoos should be hidden because i think they're beautiful and showcase a story (okay, maybe not all tattoos, because there are just some tattoos i will never understand why someone chose to get on their body, but i don't have to understand it because it's not mine, you know?). i know my views are pretty liberal, lol, but i guess i just can't help it.

i'm about to go off in a rant, but personally, it's like everything else: it's your body, do what you want with it. if you want to get covered in tattoos i say let no one stop you, because your opinion is the only one that matters. if you don't want to get inked, then that's your derogative, you know?

the fact that tattoos are still such a controversy in 2012 will never cease to amaze me Tongue

sorry, i just ranted about tattoos! haha, but i kind of can't help myself. and that dumbo tattoo is adorable!

and also, as regards to the placement picture, as long as the tattoo isn't offensive--but let's be real, taking offense is relative and i've found even the most innocent tattoo is going to offend someone for the sake of that person getting offended, does that make sense? aha--i don't think it should matter where the tattoo is placed. it goes back to the whole 'not judging a person by aesthetic appearances--especially on the job spectrum. a person can be qualified and educated but will be overlooked simply because of their tattoos. that enrages me!

okay i'm done ranting now haha sorry D:

No I totally get your point. I just wanted to see what other people thought. I personally wouldn't want one like lets say on my face or some place like my stomach because your skin changes and especially after kids it's bound to look different. I always laugh at the joke that a girl gets a mermaid tattoo and by the time she's had her 3 kids it looks like Miss Piggy haha. Like you said though, it's a personal choice. If some guy has his face all inked up will I be shocked for a minute? Sure but it's that person's body and if it makes them happy and they are still a cool person on the inside then I don't think it's for me to judge. Now if that person is a jerk, they could have My Little Pony on their arm and I'd still find a reason to hate on their tattoo but that's a different story and not about the tattoo would be the person lol.

I actually don't think tattoos are bad. I know a LOT of people with them and they aren't odd in any way shape or form but there is always those nasty jailbirds that will forever ruin the idea behind tattoos. I've actually considered it but I just can't think of anything I'd want and the thought of a needle scares me not to mention if you do, you can't give blood for a year...well actually you can if it's within the US you got the tattoo. Either way....not an important reason but still I'm rambling Tongue

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