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Kingdom Hearts
08-30-2012, 07:31 PM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2012 08:54 PM by angiecakes1990.)
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RE: Kingdom Hearts
then there is KH2 when you play Roxas and Sora comes back

like i said this came out before KH 358/2 days
when you first play as Roxas and then Sora comes in

Roxas first
you play him for a little bit and what Riku and Diz did in 358/2 days game is they captured him cuz Roxas is Sora's nobody and he doesn't know thats why he can use the keyblade so what Diz did is they removed all his memories from the organization and gave him new ones till Namine finish putting his memories back and for him to wake up.

Namine meets Roxas and Brittany Snow is voicing her.

and Kairi comes in she remembers Riku but can't remember Sora till Roxas talked to her Namine is Kairi's nobody thats why she can hear him and then she can hear Sora

Namine tells Roxas he wasn't suppose to exist Sad and when he come back to his friends on his final day they went straight through him like he wasn't there he went to Namine after and found out his a nobody and hes only half a person

here is Roxas final part when he meets his original self Sora who is a year older and still sleeping in the flower thing but he wakes up and sees Donald and Goofy and he has his old clothes on haha

they meet Hayner, Pence and Olette

they head to Master Yen Sid's tower hes that wizard from Fantasia and its Disney spell backwards.

Yen Sid explain to them that they have to go on another adventure also saying theres a new enemy they have to defeat and Sora was looking forward to finding Riku and The King Sad
but Yen Sid told him to get new clothes haha he grew up fast since he was sleeping

Sora reunites with his final fantasy friends
Leon, Yuffie, Cid and the others

(08-30-2012 07:27 PM)teamnoelftw. Wrote:  I love how this is a Disney crossover game. So many worlds, so little keyblades!

you heard of this game XD
the worlds they went too Land of Dragons from Mulan
Goofy is the smart one and Donald and Sora are dumb lol

Sora and Donald get into a fight haha

another is Olympus Coliseum from Hercules
and Final Fantasy's Auron

HalloweenTown from Nightmare Before Christmas
I love Sora's Halloween Costume

I love Sora hes such a kid hes a 15 year old and he believes in Santa Claus my fav line: "AND THEN WE CAN GO AND SEE SANTA" lol.

another is Pride Lands from The Lion King
Sora as a cute lion cub XD

also Simba knows them cause Sora use Simba as his summon power in the first KH

after the revisit Twilight Town too Sora realise Kairi was there but Organization 13 kidnapped her Sad
then they head back to Hollow Bastion where its in big trouble and they got sucked into a computer to Space Paranoids from the movie Tron and they fixed up whatever whats wrong in there and they reunited with King Mickey

they found out off King Mickey the guy they defeated in KH wasn't the real ansem but a fake he was a heartless i love their reaction they scared Mickey LOL "we went all through that trouble to defeat an imposter" LMFAO

he also asked Mickey if he has seen Riku but Mickey can't say cause he and Mickey were together when they close the door.
then the war started and they all fight but Mickey was Sora, Donald and Goofy to go find Kairi but they wanted to help out Leon and the others aswell
and a organization member interuppt them as they were heading down and they dealed with him and then Mickey came and realise they want to help and allow them too
and a rock was heading to Mickey Goofy pushed him out of the way and he got hit Sad

I love Mickey's red outfit by the way Donald and Sora thought Goofy was dead Sad
but you can't kill off a legendary disney character XD he comes back hes use to getting hit in the head haha donald just whacks him with his wand lol

another one of my fav worlds in KH2 atlantica XD you sing in this

Sora, Sebastian and Ariel singing Under The Sea XD
I'll admit Haley Joel Osment is a pretty good singer he voices Sora XD

another Sora just zaps the necklace off Ursula haha they should of done that in the movie LOL

Ursula has a musical number here lol

another musical number XD and Sora, Donald and Goofy singing at the end

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