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08-18-2012, 01:06 PM
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(08-18-2012 12:00 PM)d. b. wilyumz Wrote:  "i guess those people are just missing out on zac"

Not just them. We are all missing out, because Zac isn't getting to make as many movies as his talent deserves.

He has already testified that he doesn't regret HSM. Without that big success he wouldn't have been cast in 17 Again, CStC, NYE, or TLO. But he is not being cast as a lead by studios in their big action movies, so we are missing out there. Note that in Paperboy, At Any Price, and TIWILY, he is playing with other name stars. This is good. He will work his way out of the HSM problem, he just needs to hang on until he is 30. Then I think things will break open because he will be seen as a grown-up and a lot more parts for mature guys will open up.

This is why I'm hoping At Any Price does well at Venice and TIFF because it could not only get I'm cast in good studio projects, but be able to work with great directors. So I'm having my fingers crossed for that one. And that is true about hanging in there until he's 30. Most male actors don't really make it big til their late 20s early 30s i.e. Ryan Gosling, JGL, and Channing Tatum (even though Channing isn't as good am actor as all of them).

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