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Forum Meeting (Post Your Ideas Here)
07-07-2012, 09:41 PM
Post: #153
RE: Forum Meeting (All Opinions Welcome) (New Post 149)
(07-07-2012 09:28 PM)teamnoelftw. Wrote:  
(07-07-2012 09:23 PM)Stephanie Wrote:  
(07-07-2012 06:42 PM)teamnoelftw. Wrote:  So I understand Naya has been banned. I will say I will miss her, but I don't see any reason why. I'm not upset as I am shocked more than anything, but I want to know why. She doesn't deserve this.

I'll PM you about it if you would like me to.

Miranda already did. She said Naya has more than one account, apparently. I think Naya lost her password or something to her other account? I'm not sure.

Well then I guess it was common knowledge Caleb about the accounts. Sad it took me two days to figure it out. Anyway read my PM it is actually what is going on and not what another member took upon themselves to tell u. I'm sorry about all this Caleb. If you have anymore questions, come to me directly. I'd like it if this wasn't made into a huge fiasco with other members getting involved :]

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