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Forum Meeting (Post Your Ideas Here)
06-15-2012, 10:00 AM
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RE: Forum Meeting (All Opinions Welcome)
(06-14-2012 04:55 AM)Londonlipton Wrote:  Being brutally honest:
1- the problem is there is not much Zefron news, which means nothing to talk about.

2- Since the Zanessa thread was closed we have lost members. And I'm not saying it should be re-opened because frankly since the break up that thread became irrelevant. But maybe thats the problem,people were not here for Zac but were here for Zanessa as that was the most active place to discuss them on the web for a time.

You can create all the activities you want but if there is no Zac news you are not going to get a very busy forum, as he is the main reason most people have joined.

Unfortunately, this is completely true.

Another simple fact is that people grow and move on. The way I view it, the people who are here WANT to be here. Not that everyone doesn't want to be here, but life demands our attention too much sometimes.

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