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The Official Zeffy Awards Thread~
10-18-2011, 04:56 PM (This post was last modified: 10-20-2011 05:07 PM by LoveYourFaith_OD.)
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The Official Zeffy Awards Thread~
There comes a time in life when individuals are awarded for their dedication, commitment, and performance in activities, statistics, etc.

Long story short, there are many zefs that have left this forum but some (the Golden ones) have stayed and supported this place for many, many years.

So this is one award thread that will honor those extravagant people

In November every year, individuals that will be voted, nominated, WMD awarded in the bottom categories will receive recognition for their outstanding achievements and attitude.

Nominees are needed so stop by and add who you think wil qualify for the categories listed below

Yes you can list what you think would be a good category to add and I will place them there ASAP.

What does Zeffy stand for?

(ever heard of Grammys?)

Same thing except it's for Zef.

(this will be the section where the categories will be placed)
The sweetest Zac fan
The most dedicated zefronater
The most knowledgeable zefronite-someone who knows more about zac's upcoming projects
Oldest Zac Fan
Youngest Zac Fan
The most creative
The most talkative
The new zefronite award
The most funniest zefronite
the most outgoing zefronite
Most motherly
Most fatherly
Biggest poster
Best advice giver
Best rper
Best ff writer
Most opinionated
Most likely to become president
Wisest member
Silliest member
Most likely to actually marry Zac
Biggest boy Zac fan
ZEfron Lifer (Meaning they never really leave lol)
Biggest flirt
Best buddies (two members who are friends)
most changed
most fun to have a conversation with
Biggest SB poster
Most Likely to always be online
Most Likely to get moody while online
Best person to actually add on another networking site
Cutest couple (do we have couples on here anymore?)
Most Likely to have their own TV show
Most likely to get married next/ have kids
Nicest over 21
Nicest under 21
Zefron Sister
Zefron Brother

(this is the category where the official nominees would be)
From now on pm me on who you think should be nominated, then vote on them. The nominees will not be listed here for privacy reasons and because that's how it was with the old awards.
Any other concerns you have about the nominees or such pm and I will make sure your ideas will be added.

(this will be the category where the winners would be placed)

This is an annual award ceremony which means it happens once EVERY YEAR. but I'll post a link in the shoutbox each year to remind everyone.

Hope to see you there

VOTING STARTS when we get all the categories qualified and settled for.
Once again thank you and hope to see you there~

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From the year 2000 to the present and so on, I have always and forever loved Jesse Abraham Arthur McCartney
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