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Zac has been Mobbed and Chased by Teens
10-19-2011, 03:03 PM
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RE: Zac has been Mobbed and Chased by Teens
(10-18-2011 12:22 PM)zacfan_07 Wrote:  I think these fans are so disrespectfulAngry and don't need to be called Zac fans. I mean yes fans can get a little crazy sometimes when wanting to meet a celebrity but you don't try and chase them down and mobb them. I know if I saw Zac I would nicely go up to him and ask if i could have his autograph and picture with him if he had the time. And if he didn't i would i would respect him and say ok and walk away. I agree in one way that I like he dosen't have body guard around him but I think if he's shooting a movie he need's to have some kind of protection around him. He deserves his space fans like them can ruin it for other fans who don't have the same intentions that they did. That's all i have to say about this.

Well said!

I'm sure Zac knows the whole of Illinois is not represented by the two idiots that stole from him. He did the sensible thing by protecting himself Smile

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