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9/11 Rememberance Thread
09-12-2012, 02:34 AM (This post was last modified: 09-12-2012 02:37 AM by Stephanie.)
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RE: 9/11 Rememberance Thread
What happened with the Today incident? Kris did what? I'm so lost haha is there a link to it somewhere? I haven't been online much today or watched too much TV.

Omg so sad tonight. My bf Michael was over and I was giving him his dinner since he comes over at 9pm from work and misses dinner most nights. Anyway, he had our TV on and as soon as people started reading off the names of those who died in the twin towers, Michael got all serious. He said he was waiting for his friend to be announced.

For me, I was only a 5th grader who didn't know any better and with each year it seems like where I live people are forgetting. It's sad but for Michael the very reason he went into the Navy is because of what happened today all those years ago. He knew people personally involved and watched his friends get killed in war. He knows just how brutal war can be and seeing his face was like to him it happened today right before his eyes.

It's horrible and makes me so angry that someone would do something so mean to our country. Michael has issues with people coming too close to his face with their hands or basically anything. He's just over the past two years softened up enough to allow me to touch his face but I have to warn him first that I'm gonna do it and I have to come from the side or he will literally make a fist like he's been threatened and almost breaks your arm. If you scare him at night he'll fling back and look like he's going to punch the person. He never does but he gets that way. I've found him before sleeping and I have to literally hold him at night because he wakes up sweating and crying from having flashbacks. He's been out of the navy from active duty since 2009 and just this year finished his 8 yrs total in both active and inactive and it STILL haunts him. He told me that he was told to get some counseling from coming back from over there but he claimed he was fine and didn't need it. The fact that a few idiots can come over and bomb my country and cause my bf to hurt like this is just complete bull!

I think that's why I think Zac's portrayal of a Marine in the Lucky One was amazing. He basically acted like Michael. That whole rough and tough way that you can tell he's serious and grown up a lot since being involved in the war. The flinching from sleep....when I took Michael to see it he was like "Yeah....that's me." During that part I wanted to cry because it was like witnessing Michael all over again.

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