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Dreams/Nightmares Thread
12-23-2011, 05:10 PM
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RE: Dreams/Nightmares Thread
I've been dreaming super creepy lately.

The one I woke up to this morning was that there were talking cats, squirrels and aliens who turned out to be Asian and had rice and pot-sticker breath. I was in some trashy looking motor home and we were in some sort of game where I was running from these aliens.

Another one I had the night before was I was with Michael and stuff.....gonna keep this PG boys and girls, but lets say I THOUGHT it was Michael I was being intimate with. He turned into someone else who I don't even know and I went back to this party type thing and told everyone "YES now Michael isn't the only one who's been with another person." (Mind you Michael doesn't cheat...EVER). I flipped out realizing what I did and went and told Michael. He played it cool but just walked off and didn't talk to me anymore. I was trying to get him back but then some lady offered me a job and I took it and left without Michael. Then ran into this dude I used to like yrs ago and started pulling out his teeth because I hated him.

Another one the night before I was going to some wedding and I thought it was mine but it turns out my cousin got remarried to the same guy she's married to now and I had to climb through spiderwebs and iron gates that were too small into this military looking building. My dress was ugly and didn't fit and I kept forgetting stuff but the wedding was in a half hr and I knew I was gonna be late.

ODD dreams let me tell you!
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