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Extremely Happy
01-04-2013, 03:30 AM
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RE: Extremely Happy
(01-04-2013 12:30 AM)Firefly Wrote:  I'm just so happy for you Steph. I remember last year when you td me how sad you were that Michael hadnt proposed on New Years, but he did this year!! Smile Big Grin
It was a perfect proposal. Just like in the movies.

Ahh I know! I feel so guilty though cause he had this planned out for like 3 months. I swear he spent WAY too much on the ring. I can tell because every other ring I've seen pales in comparison and that sounds SO rude and I'm actually being serious. My ring I thought was a normal average size but I let my mom try it on and I put hers on and I'm like "Uhh mom urs is light...why?" She just gave me a dirty look and I stupidly am like "What?" She's like "'s not even a carot.....urs is 1 1/2." GOD I'm an idiot lol.

I hate that I insisted we get coffee too cause he missed his chance to do it right where we started actually officially dating two yrs ago. He had me in a new spot and while I could careless where we were, I felt bad cause he felt like his proposal fell short of what he wanted and imagined it to be like.

I know that my bawling my eyes out wasn't what he expected either but I tend to ruin stuff haha.

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