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Extremely Happy
01-03-2013, 05:27 AM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2013 05:43 AM by Stephanie.)
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RE: Extremely Happy
I sort of do. I'll post a video after I hack it from my mom haha. Nobody knew so it wasn't really taped until I was wiping my eyes and then he was putting the ring on my finger lol.

We were literally in the Starbucks in the main meal area. Okay wait I need to tell the whole story or it won't be as nice.

Michael and I met through his cousin on the 22nd or 23rd of December 2010 I THINK I might be wrong (it's bad how my memory is slipping). Anyway it was a few days before Christmas. I didn't see him and then we were leaving for Seattle to see the fireworks off the Space Needle. My parents got together on New Years 24 years ago I think SO it's become a tradition over the years. I was in the hotel in 2010 and was sad cause I realized I missed him. It had only been a little over a week and anyway I called him and asked what he was doing. He was getting drunk and I was upset. He said he realized sitting there with these guy he'd become friends with since he moved to town in 2009, that it wasn't the same. He wanted to be with me and it kinda scared him. He'd been married before and in a horrid marriage that only combined from first date to divorce was 3 yrs I believe. He vowed never to really love again and only have meaningless flings. Apparently that wasn't working out and anyway, he asked to meet me in Seattle and I kinda stuck it past my parents that he coming to Seattle to see me until the next morning at IHOP haha.

New Years Eve he shows up and he met my family for real. From then it was basically known that he was a son to my parents and a brother to my sister. At midnight entering 2011, he grabbed me and said right as the fireworks were going off, "Do you want to make this official and be my girl?" I was so happy and stuff and we've been together for two years since then.

Last year I thought he was going to propose for sure. He didn't and I cried myself to sleep.....crazy now thinking how worth it was to wait. We still were in Seattle last year and I made him a scrapbook of memories. I had gotten my hopes up and it wasn't happening so I cried and cried and honestly I made our relationship hard. God knows why he didn't just dump my sorry butt and say I was a freak for expecting it after one year together.

SO this year, I was prepared. I actually got upset at him a few weeks ago because I knew he wasn't going to do it and I was angry honestly. I wanted to make it official and it wasn't that he didn't want to....and I felt horrible knowing it was the money situation SO I quickly shut up and planned to make it super special on my own. Little did I know he was doing the same and neither of us said a thing except I slipped up a little that I was doing "a thing" for him.

I made him another scrapbook. The boy loves them I tell u! I also went to this store that sells pretty stuff to engrave and bought the two of us as a two yr present this:

So I had it all planned out so that I wouldn't be upset and we could enjoy the new year without me being butt hurt. I knew he had been SUPER careful about money lately and kept buying me little dollar menu items cause that was all he could afford and kept saying it was bills. He didn't eat lunch at work one day and I gave him 10 bucks so he could get some food and honestly since he TOLD ME he wasn't going to propose this year, I knew he wasn't and was frustrated that he was working so much and had no money to show for it because it hurts me to see him struggle this badly. Mom and dad were like "wtf is he doing with all the money?" Like NOBODY seen it coming. I kept dreaming that's what it was but he kept telling me "Nope I'm sorry sweetheart I just can't afford it and you saying anything is only keeping it from being a surprise. If anything would happen it won't now because of money and because you're being nosy about where my money is." I shut up after that and kept to myself about it.

He went as far as on Christmas not being able to buy me anything. I was sad but he said something was coming soon that wasn't for new yrs or Christmas but he thought the little something he got me I'd like but that with a loan coming through he wasn't able to get it here on time for Christmas. (That was his story all along to trick me though). So I didn't expect a dang thing.

My hairdresser told me something could happen and I got my hair cut for the occasion even though I knew nothing was happening. My grandma KNEW in her heart something would happen but I kept telling her no. So here I was on the 30th leaving him behind for work Monday and being sad to see him go. He went to work and told his boss about asking me to marry him and she's like "Okay I'll go easier on you today since you're probably nervous." So I spent the night with my family in Seattle and he probably stayed up all night planning it.

He got to Seattle around 8ish on the 31st and we went on the new ferris wheel after having some scary cab rides lol. Some African guy was chanting in Swahili on the way home and I thought he was on the phone but really he was singing Michael said. SO we got to the Space Needle and had dinner. Michael kept being his usual self getting me everything and not letting me get up and kept saying he wanted to pay for my dinner. Not out of the ordinary but he hadn't been doing that a ton lately so I was like "Oh okay maybe his loan came through that's good."

We ate and then stood in line around 11 for coffee. The line was soooo long it was horrible and Michael was fidgeting the entire time saying he really wanted us out there before midnight. So we literally got our coffee minutes before midnight when the fireworks were starting. We weren't in the spot he asked me to be his gf at and he was upset because they blocked us from going there but he made do by pulling me into the middle of the crowd. The fireworks start and he started talking.

He's like "Well it's been another year huh?" I'm like "Yeah it has." I'm watching the fireworks not paying a ton of attention. He's like "It's a really long time. Don't you think we've had enough and we should part ways?" He was being sarcastic as usual and I'm like "Uhh no we shouldn't. I like it like this." He's like "Oh really don't you think we should stop dating? You really don't want to change anything?" I'm like thinking this is an odd conversation but I've had other strange ones that meant very little but he was screwing around with his coat pocket and I kept thinking during dinner and at that moment. "Dang I wish he'd ask me to marry him. It won't happen but I can dream." He shoved me out of my thoughts by turning me towards him more and being like "Don't you want to change things? Do you want to be my forever Puffs (It's a nickname he gave me I have no idea why...just some cute name for my puffy jacket one winter and a toy he had in the 80's called a puffalump).

All of a sudden he's like "Will you be my forever Puffs.....and please be my wife." I seen him pull out the box from his jacket and I started BAWLING my eyes out. I'm not even joking I just kept saying "Omg. Are you serious? Omg are you sure? Omggggg." I always heard woman doing that and it sounds so stupid but I was covering my mouth with my glove and crying so hard Michael got scared something was wrong and he's like "Omg why are you crying? Did I do something wrong? Is that a yes?" I could only nod for a full minute and he got up and held onto me laughing at my loud crying. Some dude behind us was watching and started saying "OH S*** he's gonna do it man. He's really gonna do it!" I am surprised I remembered this entire thing because I was so shocked I nearly puked. I really thought it was a dream and I've been a happy glob of tears and confusion ever since in a good way. I just never thought beyond the proposal really as stupid as that I'm kinda trying to piece together what's happening next. I'm a stereotype for fiances on crack I swear cause I was so stupid I'm half glad nobody taped him asking or I'd look like a retard.

But I was like "Yes....I'll marry you." Mom turns around at that time and goes "OMG!" My sister turns around and thought Michael had fallen to the ground and then realized what was happening and started crying along with my mom. My dad is like "He's proposing...he's what? Well would you look at that...." Mom was so happy she started hugging us and crying and then hugging my sister because she believes I'm going to make her an "only child". My sister is now really happy and getting way too ahead of herself about my wedding she has dreamed up haha.

I have a video mom made of Michael putting the ring on my finger...well I do it because he's so jumpy he couldn't do it haha. So we finished the fireworks and stuff and I was so happy but in such shock idk what even happened but I kept smiling and crying lol. The dude behind us congratulated Michael and the girls this guy was with glared at me haha.

We went back to the hotel and Michael kept saying when he'd leave "Don't go anyway now. I don't wanna lose you." He started calling me his fiance right away and it was really cute to see him so "young" again at heart with this. I really thought he'd be different since he'd been married in the past but he said he has no idea what he's supposed to do because he and I are so different relationship wise that he wouldn't even know where to begin. I gave him his necklace and the scrapbook and he sat for 10 minutes looking at it.

We went home Tuesday at night and he was really quiet and I was worried until I realized it was because he was thinking and wanted me to sleep lol. I'm having issues with the jeweler now because they had some scary Asian lady there tonight and she was mean. She even was rude about the ring and didn't help me at all. She took my ring to send it to be resized and said it would be two weeks. I walked out and was almost in tears because I felt weird about leaving it and I've become so dang attached to the ring that Michael went back in and said we were going to postpone the resize until they caught up on back orders since I wanted to keep it. I was a sobbing mess today because my kitty died last night and so I had to bury her and then go fix the ring. I ended up just putting plastic backing on the ring until after my family sees the ring next week.

If anyone remembers my fan fictions from years ago I used to write on here, basically Michael is the guy I used to imagine when I wrote I just didn't know this guy existed or what his name was yet.

So yeah that's the very long story. Hopefully it was interesting to read.
So here's the ring. It's only the engagment ring. The actual wedding band is different in that is fits like a puzzle on each side of the S of the ring. We both agree it looks weird BY itself like it's missing something but when it's put together it's soo beautiful.

Description of it: Center diamond 1 carot. 21 diamonds on engagement ring total for 1/2 carot and another two diamonds for another 1/2 carot I believe on the wedding band for a total of 23 diamonds. The pics don't do it justice. It is the most beautiful thing in the entire world so far to me. I still can't believe it's MINE!

[Image: 1zbqfcl.jpg]
[Image: 5b8zfl.jpg]
[Image: 332p8qg.jpg]
[Image: 349c6x3.jpg]
(Sorry they are a little big. It's 2:38am and idk how to change it)

btw little side note, ignore my hands. They look about 80 right now with this dry weather.

and before I stop posting for the night, Michael's cousin (not the one who got us together, we don't talk to her anymore or her immediate family) got engaged as well. I didn't tell anyone about Michael and I til today because his mom didn't know and I wanted to be respectful to her. BUT I wrote congrats last night on her wall on fb and said it was amazing and how happy I was. She didn't bother to comment and barely pushed like. Anyway, she found out about Michael and I and LIKED Michael's comment but not mine. That tells me she still isn't over the fact that her ex bf is one of my best friends and basically told her he loved me (even though I didn't want to date him) and wouldn't love her the way he loves me. Even now he's sadly having to give me up and she's mad she never "won" in her mind. Honestly we're both engaged to different men GET OVER IT lol. She told some girl today who'd lost 85 pounds that she faked it in her pics to look better so I know this chick is freaking miserable with herself. His cousin hates me but pretends she doesn't when Michael asks her.

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