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Poll: Would You Participate If We Had Live Speaking Chats?
Yes I think it would be fun to try out and see if it brings in new members!
No I'm not allowed/Not interested
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Fun idea
10-02-2012, 12:12 AM
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RE: Fun idea
I have no idea.....I think originally I'd thought of the "idea" but I didn't know this kind of thing existed til Michael was sitting next to me today and he's on his "team speak" thing. I guess it's more of a guy thing but if I ask him how to set it up maybe I can get a cheap pair of headphones from like walmart or something until I can ask for nicer ones for my b'day in a month and then....idk if nothing else I think it would be fun for everyone to hear what we all sound like. PLUS it would help alot because I'm not always in the mood to be trying to type a ton....and everyone knows I have a lot to say.

I was thinking of what we could do is since u need a server to do it is that we don't just allow everyone on the server because it would get hard to keep track and we might have someone sneaky trying to creep on SO if you're an actual member, that person (once we set it up) would PM me asking for the server name or number and only our forum would hopefully have that channel. I'll need to figure out from the bf how it works exactly but I'll see what I can do.

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