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Kingdom Hearts
08-30-2012, 08:38 PM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2012 09:15 PM by angiecakes1990.)
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RE: Kingdom Hearts

this explains why Sora kills Heartless with the keyblade it adds more hearts to Kingdom Hearts for Organization 13 and they will exist for sure so detail Sora didn't realise he was helping them Sad

Sora sees who Roxas is also guessing it was Riku leaving them a clue

they revisit all the disney worlds finding some clues about Kingdom Hearts
also as they were visit they were unlocking a world with Organization 13 on it.
and there was a gate to it so they had to head back to Twilight Town
to find the gate to the world

they went to the world with Axels help but opening a path for them and he died Sad
he wanted to help them
and Sora ends up fighting a hooded guy with a keyblade who happens to be Roxas

so a moment with Roxas meets Sora and Sora was the only one who can see him.

and he continues searching for Kairi and Riku hes thinking they are in this world.
Kairi was let out of the dungeon by Namine her nobody but she knows who Roxas was talking about.
and then Saix caught them but Riku save them

and Kairi sees Sora shes happy but he was attacked by Heartless
and Kairi was gonna get him till she was trampled by them and Riku came got them and gave Kairi a keyblade of her own and they both fight till Sora made his way upto them

Kairi hugged Sora at the beginning and Xehanorts Heartless is leaving what Sora doesn't know its Riku using darkness

and Kairi went to him trying to make Riku stay
I love Sora and Riku's bromance XD hehe there more like brothers Riku is the oldest mature one and Sora is the young funny one

they were together now they were gonna go and defeat Xemnas
and Sora had to defeat Saix and Luxford to get there
Sora was getting annoyed by them calling him Roxas lol

but Riku mentioned to Sora that Roxas is his nobody

Diz/Ansem The Wise sacrificed himself to destroy Kingdom Hearts and with that Riku turned back to normal

they go deal with Xemnas XD
they haven't quite got him yet they gave them a door thats where hes hiding so Sora, Riku and the others went and fight him and finish him off
they dunno how to get home after but Namine opened a path and with that Roxas came out of Sora and talked to Namine

after that Sora and Riku headed to the portal but it close quickly they were left stuck there found out Xemnas wasn't done yet but its upto those 2 to destroy him

Xemnas was finally defeated Riku was weak from the battle and Sora helped him

they were left stuck on a dark beach Riku admit he was jealous of Sora and Sora was jealous of him too.
and Riku found a bottle with a letter in it and it was for Sora so he red it

KH2 ending

this was after the credits this scene

i don't bother with coded its just explains the letter Mickey sent to Sora, Riku and Kairi

remember birth by sleep well the first heroes of the keyblade Aqua, Terra and Ven
well they all sacrificed themselves like you know to save Kingdom Hearts but they tried too but failed anyways what happen to them is Master Xehanort stole Terra's body and well became his apprentice and Terra's heart is in there somewhere
after Ven defeated Vanitas and the X-blade was destroyed and Vanitas looks like Sora we know but he was destroyed too and Ven disappeared but his heart didn't and his heart went inside Sora to keep it safe and let it repair after its done Vens heart will return to him thats why Roxas looks like Ven even though they are both different people Roxas has Ven's appearance and heart.
and Aqua saved Ven put him on whats left of their old home Land of Departure after Master Eraqus was defeated and she turn it into Castle Oblivion and she put Ven there safe till he wakes up she went off to find Terra but he was already posessed by Xehanort but her armor she kept his heart safe and now she walks in the realm of darkness finding a way out.

and Dream Drop Distance the latest one which I'm playing XD is the mark of mastery exam with Sora and Riku since they both wield the keyblade
they have to take a mark of mastery exam before they can finish Master Xehanort for good with Master Yen Sid's help so he and Riku can become true keyblade masters and also to wake Ven up and get Aqua out of the realm of darkness and save Terra also count Mickey's help too he tried to save them but he couldn't.

DDD walkthrough and Intro

wanna see more click this link go to his account and find them XD

thats it for the vids enjoy them XD

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