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Kingdom Hearts
08-30-2012, 05:21 PM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2012 06:03 PM by angiecakes1990.)
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Kingdom Hearts
I have been explaining this on msn with bee but i'll put it on here so she will get it and others will know
its a game i know but its a really good story aswell trust me
its a game mixed with final fantasy and disney characters XD
you can play as Sora in KH and KH2 and you have a giant swordlike key you attack with called a Keyblade
and 358/2 days you can play as Roxas and beginning of KH 2 play as Roxas
in Birth By Sleep you can choose to either play Terra, Aqua or Ven
and Dream Drop Distance you can play as Sora and Riku
or sometimes if Sora Dies in KH2 King Mickey as in Mickey Mouse helps you
and Donald and Goofy in KH and KH2 come and join and help you fight throughout worlds
and you get disney worlds like Atlantica, Neverland, Wonderland, Agrabah, Beasts Castle, Land of Dragons, Olympus Coliseum, HalloweenTown and Pride Lands
and characters in those worlds come and help ya fight in those worlds too XD like Aladdin in Agrabah, Ariel in Atlantica, Jack from HalloweenTown, Simba from Pride Lands, Mulan from Land of Dragons, Beast from Beasts Castle and Peter from Neverland

the story goes in order like this

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (on PSP)
Kingdom Hearts (on PS2) even though that was the first game to get but by story Birth By Sleep was first
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (on PS2 or DS)
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days (on DS)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (on PS2)
Kingdom Hearts Coded (dunno what console that was on)
and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (on 3DS)

the voice stars are
Sora: Haley Joel Osment (Emily Osment's older brother also kid from the sixth sense)
Kairi: Hayden Panettiere (from Heroes also punk'd Zac the second time)
Riku: David Gallagher (little blonde kid from 7th Heaven)
Roxas: Jesse McCartney (in KH2, KH 358/2 days and Dream Drop Distance)
Namine: Brittany Snow in KH2 and Alyson Stoner in Chain of Memories and Birth By Sleep
Xion: Alyson Stoner in 358/2 days and Hayden in Dream Drop Distance
Terra: Jason Dohring
Aqua: Willa Holland
Ventus : Jesse McCartney (he voiced both Roxas and Ventus and Ven is in Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance)
Vanitas: Haley Joel Osment (he voiced Sora and Vanitas)
Master Xehanort: Leonard Nimoy
Master Eraqus: Mark Hamill (yeah Luke Skywalker)

posters below i'll add videos from it in the next post
[Image: fviv41.jpg]
KH Birth By Sleep

[Image: 243qlhc.jpg]

[Image: 2s785g0.jpg]

[Image: 33k7thl.jpg]
and KH Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep vids


vens story is the main one so i'll add that

mark of mastery exam
like a test on who is to become a keyblade master these were the first heroes of the keyblade

I skip the others cuz the disney worlds in this you got
snow white, cinderella, sleeping beauty, peter pan and stitches world well one of them.

the battle with Aqua, Terra and Ven vs Master Xehanort hes like voldemort lol in this

part 2

KH this is when Sora comes in

Sora meets Donald and Goofy what a way to meet them but them crashing on you lol

and they go to different disney worlds fighting the heartless and finding king mickey and soras friends.
Sora found Riku first but then Riku was already on the dark side Sad Maleficent brainwashed him but it was only to find Kairi before Sora did so saying that Riku thought Sora replaced him with Donald and Goofy as friends.

Ansem posessed Riku and well its not Riku and Sora had to fight him so Riku can come back so Ansem was inside Riku's heart and body.
and this part nearly at the end Sora sacrificed himself but he comes back as a heartless.

Kairi saved him

Sora, Donald and Goofy went to save Riku and defeat Ansem and it was done but they still had to find Riku so Sora told Kairi he'll come back to her

[Image: 28lqi4g.jpg]
Natsu Dragneel The Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail Blush

the only anime male hottie that can suit rosy pink hair and be a total badass
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