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09-20-2012, 03:29 AM
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Completely agree with what everyone said about HSM holding him back.
I couldn't get my bf to go see TLO without dragging his sorry butt there because he said "Great I have to look at that Disney channel star? He's for girl's why would I want to watch you drool over some pretty boy?" By the end of the movie he actually enjoyed it. He thought Zac did a good job of portraying a man coming back from war but he wouldn't have even bothered to see it just BECAUSE of all the HSM reruns. I liked HSM when I was younger but by my senior year I was actually embarrassed to see it at the theater. My sister doesn't even like Zac now because she says his movies are either boring and for old people or they are for little kids. She's 16 and far from a child and that is sorta Zac's target audience so it's sad that those ladies are losing interest because of HSM still playing on the back burner. I don't even refer to Zac as Troy but some people still do and I want to slap them because that was so long ago that it's time to move on or Zac will forever be stuck in the teenage drama shows of his early career. He NEEDS serious parts now and movies to do well in order to not fall back into the ranks with the has beens of Disney channel.

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