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Liam Hemsworth engaged to Miley Cyrus
06-17-2012, 03:46 AM
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RE: Liam Hemsworth engaged to Miley Cyrus
(06-09-2012 02:18 PM)Tootsie_Noodles Wrote:  She's too young. I know people say she's mature but she's still only 18/19,she has shown that although she's mature she can still be wreckless,which is fair enough since she's still young. She needs to mature a bit more before settling down or it will more than likely end in divorce. Hopefully it'll be a real long engagement..

(06-10-2012 03:35 PM)Londonlipton Wrote:  In all honesty I think it will be a long engagement then will fizzle out,once Miley matures a bit more.

I agree with you guys. idk I mean at 18 or 19 I was NOWHERE near ready and sometimes I worry at 21 that I'm still way too young but there is this feeling you just get when you know you've found the right person. Does that mean you need to run off and get married young? No but a lot of people have chosen too. Is it right? For me at 18/19 I don't think I'd have been close to it but maybe she feels it's right.

For both of their sakes I do hope it's a well thought out engagement. I always thought that kind of stuff worked well but my bf told me he wouldn't ask when he knows it wouldn't happen for a long time because of where I am in life. Obviously Miley doesn't need to go off to college right now because her career is doing her well but at the same time I think she needs to experience more than being young....and then getting married. Then again if she feels it's right then who are we to judge.

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