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Zac Riding In A Taxi
03-13-2012, 02:38 AM
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RE: Zac Riding In A Taxi
(03-12-2012 01:09 AM)BEE. Wrote:  
(03-11-2012 08:04 PM)lashay12 Wrote:  
(03-11-2012 09:51 AM)BEE. Wrote:  Lol, you two. Why do you think it's wrong for him to say he liked her?
By the way, he said it after she got out, but before she got him the coke

I loved that he called it 'soda.' so cute :')

well i guess it isn't wrong for zac to like a girl based solely on her looks alone. i mean she can be crazy or a mean person but all that matters is that shes pretty with long hair as Vanessa hudgens. i guess its okay sorry for thinking over wise. pretty girls are more important then a nice average looking girl with a good heart. my mistake for thinking that zac was more deeper then that. i guess he wants women to look as good as him despite of their character flaws. i guess if your not thin or good looking ,but have a good heart then you don't stand a chance in hell with zac efron. but its all good though am still a fan, because its not like i could or would ever date him anyway ( or do i care to date someone if their that superficial and shallow) nor do i think an average looking woman have a chance either. well i wish him luck on finding a partner based on their looks alone and not personality. i hope that relationship lasts that's if the pretty looking girl he ends up with don't become fat and bald or disfigured then it may not last very long. then zac could search for the next good looking vanessa hudgens looking chick and it be all good. because that's not wrong because that's how men do it in hollyweird right? and then i still be a fan because am a true fan despite of what he chooses. but who cares anyway he can like whoever he wants even if they are fake as hell. lolSleepy

Why do you always bring something like this back to YOU?
He's a guy, and if he sees someone who he thinks is cute or pretty or something, then he's gunna say he likes her. As you're a girl, yoi would do the same thing if you saw a random hot guy on the street.
(And no Im not saying its all about looks. More like first impressions)
You need to get over what he said to be honest. You're making a big deal out of nothing.

I wasn't going to reply to it, but it just annoyed me so much.


(03-12-2012 02:18 PM)lashay12 Wrote:  wow bee i start something just because i have a different opinion? whatever think whatever you want okay. next time i just go and agree with everything zac does and say. i bet if i would've said that i liked the video it would'nt have been any disagreement between us would it?

(03-12-2012 06:17 PM)lashay12 Wrote:  okay whatever bee am the trouble maker here you made your point. i will just keep my mouth shut and keep my opinions to myself. or better yet when i don't feel like commenting, i just say no comment. now end of discussion you win.Big Grin i will keep thinking that Zac is the perfect person without any flaws. Zac can think whoever is pretty all he wants that's fine. see this is the reason why i want to leave forum because every time i have an opinion am wrong it never fails. and for the record i never jumped on anyone. your the one who jumped on me in the first place just because i agreed with Angie and that's why i responded. if you think that am just going to sit there and let you say what you want to me without me responding then your wrong. if that's me starting trouble oh well. and about the part of Zac talking to some random girl. you think i don't want him to talk to a random girl?? please don't make me laugh okay. as though i really have any control on who ZAC EFRON chooses to TALK TO. HE can talk to Barbie, Beyonce, Miss California, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, or Twiggie for all i care. because newsflash i am NOT his mother or his girlfriend, so i couldn't care less who he talks to or who he finds attractive for that matter. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE, BECAUSE AM NOT ABOUT TO GET MY PRESSURE UP ARGUING WITH YOU OVER A DAMN VIDEO. now case closed am done.

First of all I leave for a few days to deal with some person stuff that ACTUALLY matters and I come back to this complete and utter crap. Lachay just keep your mouth shut okay! Seriously nobody likes coming to a place where they don't feel they can post without some creeper trying to bug them. You're becoming one of the biggest creepers this site has ever seen. I can't even read half of your stuff because the grammar makes my head hurt. If you're as old as you say you are I'd suggest rereading before you submit your posts. (Just watch haha I'm gonna end up having some grammatical error here and make a butt of myself).

I'm just soo fed up with how you treat others. You would have so many friends on here and you wouldn't always be threatening to kill urself if you would take your own advice and keep your mouth shut if it wasn't constructive and not all about you.

I can not and will not watch poor Bee be in distress over something like this. She's got enough crap going on with her that is actual real life problems but you don't see her sitting around being a wet mop.

Honestly Lachay, Terry whatever you wish to be called, I I know for a fact you get off on the attention of other people fighting with you. If you didn't you would be nicer and stuff but guess what? The Lachay who is nice wouldn't be interesting enough so you wouldn't get enough comments? Is that what you think? Cause that's wrong. People might get attention but it's bad attention when they behave the way you do. That's just basic people skills you should have learned in kindergarten. Playing nice with others is a skill that you should be well aware of. I'll bet you anything you're not actually suicidal. I'll bet you're really some 14 yr old kid in HS who gets picked on so you sit on here and lie and fight so that people can feel sorry for you. It works for some of the fools on here who don't know what you do but it doesn't work for those who have been on this site for a LONG time. It doesn't mean we're better than you, though I know you're gonna go on about that. It just means we're immune to crap and lame attempts at gaining attention. This is a place for friends not to try starting stuff.

You're lucky that this place is so nice now. If you'd been here even 3 yrs ago you would have things like the "care police," SB fights ALL day long, you would have been banned and you would have PMs and emails on here that were so mean I'd even begin to feel sorry for you.

You might be the first girl to cause this much trouble but we've had males pretending to be females, females pretending to be males, girls pretending to be Swedish models who were pregnant with some man named Patrick's baby. We've gone as far as to throw a baby shower for some fake girl who wasn't even famous. If you think about it that way, you're going to need to work a lot harder to impress anybody on this forum. This just needs to stop before something happens we all regret.

I'm just gonna say this; If I wanted to hear a butt talk I would have farted. END it NOW.

I'm sorry Kathryn too if you're reading this but this chick has got to go. She's disturbed one too many people one too many times.
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