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How does Zac make you feel?
03-10-2012, 02:39 PM
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RE: How does Zac make you feel?
Zac makes me believe in things that I don't. Because of the rough living conditions and family issues I have, I don't believe in much; but he gives me hope for the future. He makes me smile because I know there are good, intelligent, and charming people out there that are dedicated to their family, friends, and career. He also just gives me that reassurance I need to keep going. Zac makes me excited, because I know the capacity he is able to handle and create when he is working on a film or a project he loves. He is so infatuated with his work that it gives me work to also be as driven as he is. Zac also just makes me feel loved, because of the way he makes me laugh and the way he can make my bad day into an excellent one. He doesn't necessarily love me, but the way he speaks and the way he talks about his fans makes me feel a little bigger in this world. And he makes me feel beautiful. Struggling with an eating disorder and self harm, I think he just gives me the guts to get up sometimes and say "I'm beautiful" in the mirror. I don't know, he makes me feel every positive thing you could ever feel.
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