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How does Zac make you feel?
03-09-2012, 12:57 PM
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Rainbow How does Zac make you feel?
Well.... I want to ask a question!
"How does Zac make you feel?"

You can answer many ways. It could be about an emotion you feel when you watch him in videos, movies he's in, on TV, projects he's working on, or see him in photos.

I brought this up so I could identify the emotion/feeling I get when I see something related to what he does as an actor, and it's not just that, it's just the fact that he's who he is! Zac makes me feel excited, happy, and want to laugh! Seeing new pictures makes me very excited. For example, the pictures from the Madrid Photocall for The Lorax are really hot and I love those! It's the way Zac looks in the pictures and he's looking awesome! I also enjoy "Just Jared's" photo collections too! If I see something that really catches my eye, I'll happily obsess over it for a really long time! So... In conclusion, Zac generally makes me feel generally good when ever he's photographed or is mentioned for doing something amazing! (Like getting an award)

That's the end of my explanation, and I can't wait to see your answers!
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