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Extremely Happy
04-05-2013, 01:30 AM
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RE: Extremely Happy
Aww congrats! The ring is BEAUTIFUL!

My life is completely filled with pure bliss. <3
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04-05-2013, 04:57 AM
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RE: Extremely Happy
(04-05-2013 01:30 AM)mariahh. Wrote:  Aww congrats! The ring is BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks :] I really love it. I gotta get it sized soon though. He thought he should get a little bigger size (size 8) BECAUSE the stupid jewelry lady told him "Oh she can't wear a size 6...that's way too small." I know who the idiot was now too and I can't stand her. I go into the jewelers and request she's not the one who helps me and my mom glares at her haha. She's some Asian lady who hates me almost as much as I can't stand her.

I went in there and she's like "Oh you like your ring? Really?" I thought it was an odd question and then she tried to get me to pay for my ring myself and I'm like "First of all we're not married yet...second he is making payments!" He was standing right there like wtf is going on. She GRABS my hand and says "So what's wrong with it then?" I'm like "Obviously it's too big?" She just looks and goes "Well okay you need a 6 1/2 and not a 6 because your hands are cold WHY YOU COLD!" She was yelling at me with her accent and it was making me uncomfortable. She then told me that I was going to get fat someday and I needed a bigger size. Then got mad that we weren't married yet and so she couldn't send it away to be joined together yet with the wedding band. I left crying so Michael went back and took my ring and said "Yeah she doesn't like you so we're not going to have you touching her ring." haha gotta love him.

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