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RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 03-22-2012 11:23 AM

they could kill anyone off they did that to Jenna and that was a big surprise. I wouldnt kill off Elena, Damon or Stefan because they are the three main characters if one of them dies then the show would be nothing because the Damon fans wouldnt watch the show because Damon was dead and then the Stefan fans wouldnt watch the show because he was dead so they cant kill those 2 off.

Tyler hasnt been on the show for a long time now ever since he bit Caroline. Rick has been the one I am more leaning towards to die because well look how many times he had died this season but came back because of the ring. He has been getting possessed so until they can fix the problem he will just crazy lol. I am also thinking they might finally kill Klaus because from the middle of season 2 they have been trying to kill him and since the oak tree is still in the ground Im hoping some how Damon and Stefan get it before they do because I never liked Klaus.

Yeah Katherine was the one that really screwed with Damon and I felt so bad for him when Katherine said it will always be Stefan and then when he went to Elena's room the same night and Elena said the same thing I was like aww poor Damon and even though he killed Jeremy I still liked him. like I said before Damon and do stupid stuff when he doesnt think but I will still like him like when he went to bed with Rebekah even though i didnt like what he was doing I just said well thats Damon for you lol. and now tonight hes going to have a three some with Rebekah and Sage.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 03-23-2012 12:56 AM

I know the killing of Jemma suprised me to did'nt see that one coming. Yea it could well be rick as the actor who plays him is doing another series but then I read on the net that he will still make apperances in VD so that kinda of throws me, the only other person I could think of is Bonnie's mom now that she's a vampire and not a witch it's a big ajusment for her to make.

Agree the way that Damon reacted when rejected by Elena was typical Damon behaviour so I was'nt suprised when he went of with Rebekah and he would totally do a threesome but hey that's just his way. I do love it when they show his vunerable side though then I just wanna give him a cuddle and make it all better.

They've said when Tyler is coming back but not Jermey hope we see him before the end of season 3 and a lot more in season 4 and what problems the ring could bring for him.

I think the actor who plays Kalus is brilliant but have to admit that I've got a bit fed up of it all being about him now I can see why they brought him in and the family but I'm hoping that season 4 goes back to the brother's rebuilding their bond and Elena making some kind of decision about them.

Wonder if Kathrine will come back I get why she's not around at the moment becuase Kalus isthere but it would be great to see her again, I'm also curuious to how they are or if they are going to bring back in Klaus mom and other brother, his face when he saw his mom was pricless.

Hope your well chat soon x

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 04-19-2012 01:00 PM

Im excited for tonights episode its going to be great. there will be some good Damon and Elena scenes. but I have seen pictures of next weeks episode and Im not so happy about them lol.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 04-19-2012 04:10 PM

Hi there how's things I hope your well.SmileSmile

What photo's have you seen.

I'm not looking forward to seeing Elena kiss Damon but I do get why Stefan is making her face her feelings whatever they are for Damon but oh my his face when he told her finally that he still love her and always would then asked about hoe she felt about Damon I was like SadSadSadSad and just wanted to give him a hug. Then when he sees her and Damon go off for the trip and she went to say something and he told her to stay safe again I was like aww.

I've a feeling from what their releasing on the net that Elena is going to pick Damon over Stefan especially after the kiss not sure if I can watch that.

I am though looking forward to seeing her and Stefan at the dance love seeing Paul in a suit and the dances with Stefan and Elena. SmileSmile

RE: The Vampire Diaries - teamnoelftw. - 04-20-2012 01:42 AM

OMG, Tyler and Jeremy are back. <3

Can I just say, Jeremy needs to pick up baseball? Yum.

And sex in a cave, Tyler? Not very original.

I really hope they don't kill Klaus, because Tyler would die as well, and I need my Jyler. :'(

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 04-20-2012 10:18 AM

mabye they could try to find someway not to kill Tyler in the process. I am just sick and tired a freaking Klaus so when the finale does come I want him dead.

Im a huge Delena fan so I was so happy about there kiss it wasnt Damon this time that Kissed Elena. Elena was the one that kissed him and it might have went farther if Jeremy wouldnt have interfeared but when he did Damon left and Elena smiled a little so I know she felt something from that kiss.

what Im not excited for is Stefan and Elena go to a dance. the reason why Im not looking forward to it is because Elena is in Stefans arms crying. well I dont know why she is crying but knowing us Delena fans Damon will say or do something to hurt Elena and she will go running in Stefans arms but I could be wrong. anyone could have made Elena cry.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 04-20-2012 12:46 PM

I liked Klaus when he first came in but now not so much I much prefer Elijah so I'm hoping that if they do carry the originals over to season 4 that Klaus is'nt one of them but for me 1 season on the originals is enough.

I agree that she does feel some thing for Damon that is very obvious but whether she is in love with him or just loves him she still has'nt decided. I did'nt like the way Damon told Jeremy what to do and that Elena never said anything to him about it.

Alaric was just brilliant in it and i also loved how Stefan took the smile off klaus's face by telling him that he is in control now and then telling Klaus to get out of the house.
I did'nt see it as Jeremy interfering if Elena wanted to carry it on she would have regardless of Jeremy but to me she came across as almost regreting the kiss and letting someone see them kiss then she backed away from damon -

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 04-20-2012 03:46 PM

I dont like Klaus one bit look at all the stuff he has caused Elena and her family. so Im hoping they kill him off. I like Elijah the most so if one were to stay alive it would be him. but I want Klaus dead I am getting sick of the origanial vampires.

Elena does love Damon she just doesnt want to admit it just yet. so Im hoping something finally happens between those 2.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 04-21-2012 05:06 AM

I think that yea Elena does love Damon on some level but I don't think she is in love with him which is why she backs away from him like she does and she s only sorting herself out now because Stefan has made her look into her feelings, for me Stefan has told her more than once that he ca't be with her but Elena is the one who won't give up on them so if she feels so much love for Damon then she would'nt have needed the push from Stefan to exp,lore her feelings for damon they would naturally just be there.

Word on the net is that the brothers have a talk and decide that whoeverelena picks then the other brother will leave personally can't see how that's going to work.

I would much rather Klaus left and Elijah came back.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - amillionlights - 04-21-2012 05:36 AM

What is happening to this show? To say I only watch this on's going downhill. And the viewers..? I'd be worried if I was in the producers shoes.

Anyway I'm so proud of Stefan for what he said to Klaus. (;
Yay for Jeremy and Tyler coming back.

The kiss between Elena and Damon was in my opinion disgusting. The look on Jeremy's face said it all. It just seemed forced. There was nothing romantic about it. There was no passion. I think Elena is turning more like Katherine every episode. She used Damon and lied to Stefan.

Looking forward to the next episode but I'm fed up of these ships. To say I like Stelena more I want Stefan to move on. And Damon needs someone better..

End of rant haha (;