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RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 03-16-2012 09:02 PM

Im glad it works out for you and I had a great time on my vaction just got back today but tomorrow i got to go back to work lol. this past episode was good I almost about cried when Damon said he would help Stefan out. Stefans like why are you going to help me and Damon said your the only person that Ive got Im like oh my gosh lol but I didnt cry but i felt like it because Damon just wants his brother he wants to bond with him again.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 03-17-2012 02:28 AM

(03-16-2012 09:02 PM)SLE Wrote:  Im glad it works out for you and I had a great time on my vaction just got back today but tomorrow i got to go back to work lol. this past episode was good I almost about cried when Damon said he would help Stefan out. Stefans like why are you going to help me and Damon said your the only person that Ive got Im like oh my gosh lol but I didnt cry but i felt like it because Damon just wants his brother he wants to bond with him again.

Glad to hear that you had a good time. Me and a friend are off to NYork for the first time this August for a weeks holiday can't wait.

I did try and not watch any episodes but after reading things on the internet which is probably a bad thing to do I just could'nt help it. Yea I agree I think for all of Damon's act that he put's on that all he really wants is a brother relactionship again it got me when he said that he vertially blamed himself for Stefan going all ripper mode back in the day and that he was'nt going to let that happen again. But I have to admit that Stefan's face when he saw Elena just got to me SadSadSad after all his effort to stay of the blood. I did wonder if Damon did it on purpose knowing that Elena somehow was going to turn up and knowing that her seeing him drink human blood would put a final end to their relactionship in the love stakes department anyway.

So I've decided to watch every episode now online until it ends as we have quite a few to go yet here in the UK and I just can't wait that long to find out what happens with Stefan/Elena. I've seen the clip on line when both brother's admit that they do love Elena and I was like finally Stefan now just go and tell her, so I'm interested to see how this season will end and get set up for next season.

So once again thanks for the link. SmileSmileSmile
Oh and once VDiaries has finished here in the UK I'm going to start watching The Secret Circle that look's good to.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 03-20-2012 02:52 PM

Im glad you like it. it totally works I use that if I miss a show on tv and it works great lol. yeah I am also wondering how the season well end and now the whole Ric thing with the Ring and him being like possesed or something he has been through enough in the last couple years its like just give him a break. I would like to see what will happend between Damon, Elena and Stefan. Stefans a vampire and he needs blood to survive so if Damon helps him control his cravings for human blood then it shouldnt matter what he drinks. Elena has to get it in her head that Stefan is a vampire and not a human he needs blood.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 03-21-2012 12:55 AM

I know poor Rick he really has'nt had much luck in the love department so he deserves a break have to admit though it was a good twist because I never suspected Rick. In the episode we had here last night Stefan finally admitted to Damon that he still loves Elena which I've been waiting for for week's for Damon to say it came as no suprise to me and even though it was obvious that Stefan still loves her he's tried so hard not to admit it to himself let alone anyone else.

In one way I can't wait for the season finale to see where they do take the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle but at the same time don't want it to end and have to wait so long for it to some back on in the UK, so I'm really glad you gave me that link so a big thank's once again.

I think with Elena she finds it hard to get used to Stefan drinking human blood becuase she know's that he fights it so much and does'nt want as he told her before to see him like that Damon openly did it so she got used to it with him but Stefan always tried to sheild her from that side of him becauseofhow it affected him, but I agree with you that I thinklthat with Damon's help he could control it. And apprently from what is on the net which of course could be totally off Elena will make a decision about the brother's but not the big decision so I'm guessing and could be totally wrong that she won't get with either of them by the end of this season but hopefully if it gets picked up for a 4th then she will decide.

In last night's episode to it got me when she asked Stefan if he was the seriel killer and I loved his reply ' Have you asked Damon' I mean I got why she would ask Stefan that considering his behaviour of latebut also though he's got a point she's so quick to beleive that he is now totally bad but Damon is now the perfect one, which I have to admit annoyed me with her a bit.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 03-21-2012 01:31 AM

this show is the highest rating show on the CW so Im sure it will be picked up for a fourth season. and again I am glad you like the link. I hope they can save Rick because I dont want Elena to lose another member of her family he is like a second dad to Elena and Jeremy so I hope they can save him and I agree it was a good twist I would have never expected him at all. well if Elena doesnt pick any of the brothers then I am happy that she will take the time and just be single but I am a Damon and Elena fan so if not at the end of this season i really hope in season 4 she picks Damon because i see the chemisrty between them.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 03-21-2012 02:37 AM

Hi there hope your well.

Yea that was one twist I never saw coming with Rick and I too hope that she does'nt lose him or Jeremy but someone I think is going to die as according to the net the last episode in this season is called ' The Departed' so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not a main charector, can't wait for Jeremy to come back I think that Steven McQueen is great as Jeremy and certainly hot looking.

I will agree that there is chemistry between Damon and Elena but I think that he is still as impulisive and at times reckless like he was in season 1 and does'nt like it when Elena does'nt do what he wants and then goes off and sleeps with Rebekah which I get why he did but that's what puts me off wanting the writer's to put her with him full time. I have always been a stefan fan first and then stefan and elena and whreas yes he has hurt her in this season it was when he was compelled and since not being maybe not in the right way but he has tried to keep her at arms lenght because he does'nt want to hurt her again but he has'nt gone off and slept with other women he has focused ion himself which is what I think Elena should do for now. Ian does a amazing job as Damon and he cracks me up with his one liners sometimes and when they do show his vunerable side which he tries so hard to hide I do think ' aww give hima cuddle' but I would still pick Stefan/Paul.

Whoever did the casting certainly picked a brilliant cast in whole for the show as they all have their good points and there is dam good eye candy for the women and eye candy for the men to.

I know that they aren't followering the books excatly but I do hope that like in the books Stefan and Elena get together but also that Stefan and Damon get that brother bond back that they both really want.

The episode we had in the UK last night was when they opened the coffin and Elena slightly annoyed me when she asked Stefan if he was the seriel killer which okay I can understand to a degree considering his behaviour lately but I loved his come back line of ' Have you asked Damon' becuase if she believes that Stefan is capable of it which he is then so is Damon. And will admit at the end when they both admitted to each other that they loved Elena I was like with Stfan ' Thank god it's about time' as anyone can see that he still does but at last he's admitted it out loud.

Sorry for the long rant but I kinda get carried away when talking about the VD I just love the show so much. Hope to talk soon as I like our little chats.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 03-21-2012 12:31 PM

Im the oposite of you I love Damon a lot more than I do Stefan. have been a fan of his since the very begining. Yeah Damon can do stupid stuff but you got to remember when he was a human his dad liked Stefan more and everyone loved Stefan and not him. all he needs is someone to love him and just be there for him.

Damon in the next episode looks like he goes way over board when he has a three some with Rebekah and the new girl Sage. but thats just Damon dealing with rejection. but even though he acts out the way he does I still love him and he my favorite. dont get me wrong I love Paul and he does a great job as Stefan its just Im more of a fan of Ian.

like I said before I really hope that they can save Rick he has lost so many people and Elena has also lost so many people in the last couple of years so I really hope that Meridth and Elena can help save him. we all know that Jeremy will return.

When Damon confessed to Elena that he loved her I was shocked he even said it out loud I really want Damon and Elena to get together.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 03-21-2012 12:45 PM

Totally agree with you about Damon and why he acts the way he does and does'nt,t let women or anyone really get close to him as you said he does'nt deal with rejection very well.

I will admit I do like in season 3 how he has evolved than what he was in season 1. It did'nt surprise me that he admitted to Stefan that he loved Elena as I think that Stefan has been seeing it coming for a while and the way Stefan acted it would be understandable why Elena would choose Damon over Stefan at the moment but would it be for the right reasons I don't think it would be as Elena is'nt ready to totally give up on Stefan yet.

As I say I do like Ian and love his portrayal as Damon but have and will always be a Stefan fan first and a Stefan/Elena fan second.

I like having our chat's where two people can have a difference of opinion but keep it civil and look forward to our next chat. What is the name of the next episode in the USA.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - SLE - 03-21-2012 09:33 PM

the episode that will be on tomorrow in America is called Break On Through. its the episode were Sage comes back to Mystic Falls and by the previews it looks like Damon has a three some with Rebekah and Sage.

I do like Stefan but like I have been saying I am more a Damon fan I have since the first episode of the first season I was always more into the bad boys when it comes to tv shows lol. I want Damon and Stefan to be more like brothers like they were before Katherine came into the picture. there are days when I just want to give Damon a great big hug lol.

Yeah I like the little chats too and its good that we dont fight about who we like and keep it friendly.

RE: The Vampire Diaries - sweetrosie29 - 03-22-2012 12:10 AM

The way I look at it why fight everybody is entitled to their own opinion and liking who they want in a tv show I think it would be a boring world if everybody liked the same thing or person all the time.

I will admit when Katherine told Damon that she never loved him and that it was and always will be Stefan I was like ' aww' his face just got me. Katherine I think is the one who did a lot of damage to Damon by saying that and so he finds it very hard to trust anyone especially women, yea I too lik the brother bond that they seemed to have before Katherine came into the picture and that is wht they seem to be going for in these later episodes of season 3 which is nice.

I like some bad boys in tv shows depends on the show but as I say for this one it's always been Stefan that as intrigued me more than Damon but I will admit that Damon has grown on me mor this season than previous one's.

Wonder if their going to kill anyone off as acording to the net the title of the last episode is called'The Departed' I hope it's not going to be Jeremy now that we know about the ring and it's flaws. Tyler I must admit would'nt bother me if he was their or not never been a big fan of his.

I also liked the scenes between Matt and Elena it was nice to see some interaction between those two it's been a while.

Anyway gotta go so take care and until our next chat bye x