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Christmas/Holiday Gift Exchange (Secret Santa) - Stephanie - 11-21-2012 04:10 PM

Who'd be interested in doing another gift exchange this year? Please indicate on here if you'd like to. We'll begin the process this weekend of expanding the thread and explaining more of how it works for those who don't know.

1) You sign up here with this form:

Favorite things about the holidays:
Favorite Actor/Actress:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Quote:

2) Then wait until I assign by PM the person you will be making a gift for. You will receive his/her form they filled out just like you.
IMPORTANT! It's a surprise do not tell the person you are making something for them.

3) Make a gift.

4) The gift can be:
A movie on YouTube you make for that person.
A graphic(s) you make in Photoshop or CS.
A picture you find of something that person would really like.
A song you wrote for that person. (Lyrics or video recorded as well)
A virtual gift basket of gifts (pictures) of things that person likes.
Anything else you can think of that a person would like.

Hint: The easiest things people usually make are graphics but anything can be given as long as it's creative and decent. (Please no naked/inappropriate pics of men/women even if that person has fantasies Tongue)

5) On or maybe a few days before Christmas we will start posting our gifts on here with the person's name/username so they know it's for them and so everyone can see.

Have fun and make sure to sign up!

RE: Christmas/Holiday Gift Exchange (Secret Santa) - mirandagirl - 11-23-2012 10:55 PM

Name/Username: Miranda/mirandaagirll
Age: 20
Favorite things about the holidays: The Christmas decorations
Favorite Actor/Actress: Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Movie: The Paperboy, Liberal Arts, and Titanic
Favorite Quote: