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Anime /Manga Cartoons - angiecakes1990 - 09-22-2012 08:37 PM

yes im a anime freak some anime events i watched online and im going to ones in the city next year.

it reminded me of all the anime shows I use to watch as a kid and I still do today i found this site where you can watch them XD english dubbed too.
and the ones I know but didn't really watch

I mainly watched this XD

I remember when I had pokemon red on gameboy and XD and i went over my friends place and play pokemon stadium and snap on nintendo 64
im actually thinking bout buying a 3ds or ds pokemon game cuz well i miss playing it
also I had the trading cards when I was little
also I remember when this came out i was like 7 years old but when i turn 10 I wanted to become a pokemon trainer till I found out they weren't real Sad lol
also got the first 3 seasons on DVD
Indigo League, Orange League and Johto League
also got first, second and third movie on dvd i remember i saw first and second in the cinemas when they came out i dragged my mother to them haha

Digimon was another

I had a digimon game on ps1 it was called digimon rumble
I remember this show had a little competition with Pokemon but i love both Big Grin
im buying first season off ebay when i get paid XD

another is Cardcaptors
based on a manga comic

US opening some of you might know

I only knew cardcaptors from the aussie opening

Japanese version is out i love that version but i like the english dubbed aswell they just cut out nearly all the romantic stuff in the english dubbed
but english version im waiting for

Sailor Moon

i got 3 dvds XD from this
all i have to do is get the rest

some i knew but didn't watch that much
Dragonball Z Franchise

what is your fav anime shows and still watch today

RE: Anime /Manga Cartoons - teamnoelftw. - 09-23-2012 02:22 AM

I remember being obsessed with Yugioh and digimon. Pokémon was pretty cool then too. Now it just sucks to see my favorite shows gone to s**t, pardon my French.

RE: Anime /Manga Cartoons - angiecakes1990 - 09-23-2012 03:38 PM

thats why i got youtube XD and those anime dubbed sites where I can watch all the old shows XD again
i liked digimon frontier and tamers which im watching now

tamers is the 3rd season
and frontier is the 4th season

digivolutions 3rd season love the theme music as they were digivolving XD

and frontier is when kids turn into digimon XD

RE: Anime /Manga Cartoons - angiecakes1990 - 09-24-2012 12:04 AM

2 episodes from digimon season 2 lol
T.K going all badass on the digimon emperor i bloody love him LOL
he must of picked up his fighting from watching his brother Matt fight Tai in season 1

ROFL I feel bad for Matt in this episode but gotta admit hes pretty hot in the second season along with Tai and T.K XD
he even begged his bro T.K lol