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Hollywood Heights - SLE - 08-04-2012 01:08 AM

I'm just wondering does anyone of this fourm watch the new show Hollywood Heights. I have watched it from the start and its pretty good. if you watch the show you can discuss it in here.

RE: Hollywood Heights - teamnoelftw. - 08-05-2012 12:45 AM

I know Cody Longo from a few shows I've seen. He's really cute.

RE: Hollywood Heights - SLE - 08-06-2012 12:58 AM

Yeah me too I remember him on make it or break it and also he was in the movie Fame a little bit and also he was on the soap Days Of our Lives but I havent watched it in years so I probably didnt see him when he was on. He wasnt on for long lol. But I was watching Hollywood Heights and he just looked so familer, I was like I seen him before.