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Magazine "Quien" - Judith. - 04-24-2012 08:37 PM

[Image: tumblr_m308yaeCNe1qdqn69o1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_m3093qrjUc1qdqn69o2_r1_250.jpg]

I just bought this magazine today. This are not the scans but as soon as I can I'll upload them right here too Big Grin I got them from my tumblr, lol
Hope everyone likes them!

P.S: I'm still missing two scans, my scanner is not working right now. :[

RE: Magazine "Quien" - mirandagirl - 04-24-2012 08:50 PM

YAY! high quality

RE: Magazine "Quien" - teamnoelftw. - 04-24-2012 11:22 PM

He looks so unrecognizable in the second pic. Must be the angle of the photo.

RE: Magazine "Quien" - ZacAttack2290 - 04-25-2012 10:29 AM

Two sexy people, but Zac is by far looking his sexiest in this photo!
Heart and Big Grin