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RoomRaiders MTV - Zac Fan - 03-27-2012 06:59 AM

Anyone see the film that is going around on internet of Zac when he was 17 . He did a MTV show where he went through 3 girls bedroom's Cool to find out about them and pick one for a date.Wink

RE: RoomRaiders MTV - teamnoelftw. - 03-27-2012 09:26 AM

I remember that. I saw it on YouTube a while back. I think it's still on there.

Wonder what happened to the girl he chose. Must be kicking herself now, I think. lol.

RE: RoomRaiders MTV - mirandagirl - 03-27-2012 02:29 PM

I remember watching that when it was on tv.

RE: RoomRaiders MTV - SLE - 03-27-2012 02:46 PM

I remember seeing that also. looking back at it Zac was young. that was the time of year when he was on Summerland and he had his capped teeth he looked so cute. now hes grown into a handsome man lol Smile

RE: RoomRaiders MTV - ILOVEYOUZACEFRONSOMUCH♥ - 03-27-2012 03:05 PM

Could anyone send me the link for the video? I want to watch it Smile