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Has Zac created and released his own clothing line?
Zac currently does not have his own clothing line, however he is a celebrity endorser for Penshoppe, a clothing company based in the Philippines.

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Role: Dr. Charles 'Jim'
Release: 9/20/2013
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Role: Teddy Sanders
Release: 5/9/2014
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That Awkward Moment
Role: Jason
Release: 1/31/2014
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November 8, 2013

Zac Efron‘s latest film, Parkland, was just release on DVD — and we’ve got our hands on an awesome prize pack!

ONE lucky reader will get the Blu-ray and DVD combo pack PLUS a mini poster signed by Zac, Colin Hanks, Jacki Weaver, and Peter Landesman.

Parkland recounts of the chaotic events that occurred at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital on the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Approximate Retail Value: $30
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ONE winner will be chosen at the end of the contest. US Residents Only. This contest ends FRIDAY, November 15th @ 11:59PM EST. Good luck!


Source: JustJaredJr

Author: Hong | Categories: Contests, Parkland
October 20, 2013

In time for the 50th anniversary on November 22nd, 2013, Millennium Entertainment is releasing PARKLAND on Blu-ray & DVD on November 5th, 2013.

PARKLAND recounts the dramatic true story of the chaotic events that occurred at Parkland Hospital in Dallas on the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd 1963.

PARKLAND weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances: the young doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital; Dallas’ chief of the Secret Service; an unwitting cameraman who captured what became the most watched and examined film in history; the FBI agents who nearly had the gunman within their grasp; the brother of Lee Harvey Oswald, left to deal with his shattered family; and JFK’s security team, witnesses to both the president’s death and Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s rise to power over a nation whose innocence was forever altered.

PARKLAND stars James Badge Dale, Mark Duplass, Zac Efron, Jackie Earle Haley, Colin Hanks, David Harbour, Marcia Gay Harden, Ron Livingston, Austin Nichols, Jeremy Strong, Billy Bob Thornton, Jacki Weaver, Tom Welling, and Paul Giamatti.

PARKLAND is written & directed by Peter Landesman.

Source: We Are Movie Geeks

Author: Hong | Categories: Movies, News, Parkland
October 20, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Photos, Promotional
September 30, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Photos, Promotional
September 15, 2013

Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Videos
September 11, 2013

The trailer for Zac’s new film Parkland is now available for download on iTunes! Download now here: trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/parkland

Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Videos
September 9, 2013

Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Promotional, Videos
September 9, 2013

Paul Giamatti, Jacki Weaver and the stars of Peter Landesman’s film stop by our TIFF lounge to discuss their movie about the events at the Dallas hospital after JFK was assassinated.

“The day is so full of speculation and controversy, I thought it was really interesting to go back and learn what really happened to these people on this day and what it was really like,” says Zac.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Author: Hong | Categories: Interviews, Parkland, Videos
September 6, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Events, Parkland, Photos
September 6, 2013

It’s not really a surprise that the Kennedy Assassination continues to hold so much sway some half century after its occurrence. A young, charismatic President cut off in his prime, a picture-perfect doting wife, and all the mystery and machinations surrounding his death have made for generations of responses to the events of November 22, 1963. This was the death of a president caught in images whose tragedy played out on television, the first modern death of a leader that would quickly take on mythic proportions.

What may be more remarkable is that there are still new things to say at this late date, new and interesting things to draw not just documentary but narrative film interest in. If Stone’s JFK is likely to remain definitive, for better or worse, then films like Parkland fill a welcome (if not exactly mandatory) niche.

The film is episodic in its construction, following the many lives that were shaped due to the events in Dallas. Parkland Memorial is the hospital where the President was taken after having much of his cranium obliterated, and we see the way that those in charge of traumatic medical situations dealt with things as they occurred. We also meet the FBI agents that had been tracking Oswald prior to the assassination, the man who shot the famous 8mm film of the events, and perhaps most interestingly we follow the events that occupied the brother of the alleged assassin.

With a cast that includes a veritable constellation of talent, from Zac Effron and Paul Giamatti to Marcia Gay Harden, Ron Livingston, Bill Bob Thornton and Jackie Earle Haley, we’re exposed to these various timelines in crosscut fashion. All do the work justice, and save for some brief moments do so with credible restraint.

Read full review at TwitchFilm.com

Author: Hong | Categories: News, Parkland
September 6, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Photos
September 5, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Photos, Promotional
September 4, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Neighbors, Parkland, Screen Captures
September 3, 2013
Author: Hong | Categories: Parkland, Photos, Promotional
August 21, 2013

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